Living for the weekend? Why?!

If you follow the common social notion of ‘living for the weekend’, you’re doing the wrong thing. The weekend is 2/7ths of the week, or roughly 29% if you prefer the percentile outlook on life (I do). So what are you doing with the other 71%?! That’s like, sacrificing the rest of your body so that you can have a really nice leg.

When I first came to uni I was overwhelmed with all the potential career opportunities I was showered with. DO BANKING DO ACCOUNTING DO ACTUARIAL. You know, the jobs I SHOULD do with my degree, cos that’s what everybody else does. So, naïve as I was, I explored these paths with the lure of giant green dollar signs and convinced myself I wanted to go into banking, despite a few months prior I knew nothing of the industry or profession. I went through a fair few interview processes, and after being asked a million times why I want to go into the industry and having no truthful answer, I realised that I didn’t want to at all. I was just in it cos I’m young and money is all that matters, right?

Well, money is nice. It allows you to shop at Waitrose and wear designer clothing which is the same quality as normal clothing but it has a tiny badge on it so people know that you spent a lot of money on that shirt and therefore this implies you have lots of money but you could also just be a normal person who spends 90% of their disposable income on designer clothing in order to give off a false economic impression of yourself in the hope that it will impress those around you or so you might pull on the weekend because you’re insecure that your personality alone isn’t enough…  (breathe)… or you can buy pretty girls 50 years your junior – I’m looking at you, Mr Ecclestone.

But again, you only get 29% of your life to enjoy your money if you don’t like what you do for a living. You could argue against my 29% and say yeah but what about retirement? Well, ok, but you’re old then. By that stage you’ll probably spend most of your holidays complaining about the heat and finding it hard to poo in the morning. You’ve gotta be enjoying life whilst you’re still young and able (to poo). If you enjoy your Monday to Friday and surround yourself by your family and friends, you’ll lead a much happier life than the stress-ridden Mr. B. Anker.

Now, I still don’t really KNOW what I want to do. I mean, I like pizza, koalas and FIFA but I don’t know if there’s a job in that line (if there is please please let me know). All I know is that I’ll have passion for my work and I’ll enjoy it. I’m currently considering ideas for a business so let’s see where that goes (Pizza delivery service with a koala who comes in and plays a game of FIFA with you?!).

Erm, that’ll do for that topic I reckon. You get da gist. Money ≠ happiness n that.

Leeds threw away a 2-goal lead yesterday.

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